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We provide a full range of anonymous hosting services including anonymous VPS and dedicated servers, private domain registrations, remote desktops, VPN, SSL, secure remote backup storage and even offshore company formations. Simply choose the service your are interested in and we will do our best to provide your with the top-quality service.

What is Anonymous Hosting? Why do I need it?

When someone gets interested in finding out who owns a particular domain, they usually turn to WhoIs websites. Typing in your domain name, they instantly retrieve information about you. If the WhoIs return no information about the domain owner they usually turn to the hosting company. YoHOST.ORG is highly committed to protect your privacy and will not reveal your personal information to anyone. Sign up for our anonymous offshore hosting NOW! Sign up for our anonymous offshore hosting NOW!

What are the Benefits of Anonymous Domain?

If your domain name is privately registered, there are no means to reach you because the domain is registered to a third party and your personal information is hidden. Your personal information will never show up in the WHOIS lookup because the domain is protected with our PDR (Private Domain Registration). So, are you ready to go fully anonymous? Register a private domain NOW!

New services, better prices!

We always try to come up with new services to serve you even better. Yohost now offers DDOS protected VPS with protection up to 500Gbps attacks. This is enough to mitigate 99.9% of attacks of any kind. More new services are coming!

YoHOST.ORG now has a new look!

For the last half of the year we have been working hard to start offering new services. It has also been essintial to make a re-design to make it easy to find and navigate through the bunch of services we now offer. We hope you enjoy the new site look and find our new services useful.

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