About us

YoHOST.ORG is the leading anonymous and offshore hosting solutions provider since 2006. We are a legal entity incorporated in Panama and doing business worldwide.

Our anonymous solutions cover: private domain registrations, VPS and dedicated servers, Internet security related products like VPNs, encrypted Remote Desktops, SSL certificates and cloud storage. Furthermore, we are assisting our customers with offshore incorporation.

Currently we have networks in the Netherlands and Switzerland. When you sign up for our dedicated or VPS hosting solutions we will offer you the best location according to your needs. If something does not work for you, we will transfer your site to another location.

Unlike other offshore hosting companies, well known for their slow connections and downtimes, YoHOST.ORG has diversified its network to ensure 99% uptime and fast connections. Our servers are connected to 100 Mbit uplink (1Gb possible) to ensure high loading speeds for your projects.

We use only state-of-the-art brand-new servers to ensure the trouble free service for our clients. The 24/7 support team is there to help you with your needs.

On top of all this, YoHOST.ORG is the only one-click hosting provider that will not require any of your personal details - but an e-mail - in order to sign up for our services. We never reveal any details about our clients to anyone, period.