IPv4 Lease

Yohost.org is a local internet registry (LIR) for RIPE NCC which makes it possible for us to provide large number of IPv4 space for rent. We have several IPv4 networks for rent on a long term contract basis (1 year+). We can also register AS if needed.

Kindly, check below (1) activities we do not allow within our IPv4 address space before placing an order.

IPv4 lease pricing is as follows.
IPv4 / 24 (256 IP addresses) - $1 200 / year
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IPv4 / 23 (512 IP addresses) - $2 400 / year
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IPv4 / 22 (1024 IP addresses) - $4 800 / year
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(1) Spamming, phishing, other illegal activities are not allowed.