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Anonymous hosting solutions

Offshore Company Formation

Looking for a service to register your company offshore? Trust the professionals.

We see there are a lot of "questionable" companies in this field, and with our experience in offshore anonymous services we feel we can make a valuable impact in this area. Since 2006 we offer offshore hosting services. In 2011 we have extended our professional scope to offer offshore company registration services in the most popular jurisdictions in the today's World.

What we can offer?

Offshore company registration - Complete service - $3000

We understand that offshore company without some essential things is like a vehicle without the wheels. That's why we ensure our clients get bank account open as well. Real bank account with all the modern features! We say so because we know other companies often open accounts with offshore banks which does not have online banking or SWIFT. We also help with credit card processing options depending on the business type.

What's included:

Please, note that decision regarding bank account is taken by the bank. But we have long standing relations with certain banks and we can always offer several options if application with one bank is declined.

How to proceed?

The process is simple as 1-2-3 although requires some time - usually 3-4 weeks for company registration and bank account altogether.

Getting started

Set up your offshore business in 4 steps

Select jurisdiction (we can help to choose the best one depending on your business and goals) Fill in short company questionnaire and send us copies of your national ID and proof of address We will register your company within 1 week since your documents arrive and send you the registration certificates with apostille. We will assist with bank account opening, after company registration is completed

If you need credit card processing options, we will be glad to help you with this as well.

That`s it!

Why choose us? has been the leading offshore hosting and security service provider since 2006. We are pioneers in anonymous offshore services, constantly evolving and introducing new privacy solutions. With almost 3000 current customers, 100+ company registrations and 10 years of offshore business experience you are trusting your start to exceptional professionals.

Minimum documentation. Despite other companies we only require 2 documents for company registration.

All inclusive. Company registered and bank account opened, guaranteed!

Dedicated professional which can assist with any matter regarding your offshore business and give legal advice.