Anonymous hosting solutions


Anonymous Offshore VPN

Introducing Offshore VPN (Virtual Private Network) Services, which will allow you to surf the Internet privatly and secure.

Why should I choose the VPN and not a proxy?

YoHOST.ORG VPN service allows you to access ALL kind of traffic channels securely (http(s), ftp(s), torrents, VoIP and a lot more). Proxy supports only http(s). Below are some more reasons to decide in the favor of VPN, especially if you are running offshore company/buisness. So, our VPN will

  • secure your Internet connection by encrypting all incoming and outgoing bandwidth (passwords, messages, website connections cannot be seen by hackers)
  • protect your connection when you are connected to an unprotected public Wi-Fi (hotels, restaurants etc.)
  • enhance your privacy by keeping your location information private
What we can offer to you:
Countries Netherlands, Russia (coming soon)
Speed UNRESTRICTED (and really fast!)
Encryption Yes (2048 bit)
Connect to our VPN from two PCs
at a time using one account!
Logs OFF Yes
Anonimity Yes
Support 24/7
Price $30 per month
$25 per month (3 months payment)
$20 per month (6+ months payment)
Setup FREE

We are providing anonymous offshore hosting services since 2006 and gained a lot of experience in this field. Subscribing to our VPN you can expect

  • professional trouble-free service (we do not oversell; we do not use virtual servers for VPNs, only high-performing 2*Quad Core Xeon servers connected to 1Gbps uplink each; we use OpenVPN access server software)
  • qualified, promt and friendly support team (if you will ever need the support)
  • we will protect your privacy
  • we allow 2 multiple (concurrent) connections from different computers - with another provider you will need two separate accounts, you will need to pay twice!
  • we give a static IP
  • VPN service directly from trusted anonymous hosting provider

Do not be fooled by cheap low quality services, because in bottom line you get what you pay for.


1-12 hours. We deliver on business days 10 a.m - 6 p.m and on weekends 11 a.m - 3 p.m GMT +3. Upon order delivery you will receive all the instructions on how to configure access on your local PC.