Private Domain Registration

Private Domain Registration allows you to hide your personal information from Whois services. Unlike other offshore domain registrars, we do not require or store your personal information during domain registration.

Domain availability check:
Domain Extension .net .com .org .info .biz .us .co .tv
Price $26.99 / 1 year $25.99 / 1 year $25.99 / 1 year $32.99 / 1 year $71.00 / 1 year $29.99 / 1 year $50.00 / 1 year $70.00 / 1 year
Domain Extension
$22.99 / 1 year
$23.99 / 1 year
$25.99 / 1 year
$28.99 / 1 year
$24.99 / 1 year
$29.99 / 1 year
$50.00 / 1 year
$70.00 / 1 year
What are the benefits?
  • Anonymous information. You can choose us to represent you in the domain registration process and provide NONE of your personal data.
  • Managed domain registration. Your name, address and phone number remain confidential. No personal data available in WHOIS.
  • Stop spammers, telemarketers, data miners and anyone else who might misuse your personal data.
  • Deter identity theft and fraud.
  • Do not disclose your information to a third party. We do not collect your personal information in the first place.
  • Legal address, phone, fax and email in WHOIS to prevent data loss in domain name communications.
  • Panama offshore jurisdiction address
Why YoHOST.ORG Private Domain Registration?

YoHOST.ORG will not just cover your private information with privacy protection, like most registrars do. We will never ever use your personal information for domain registration. For all domain registrations we use our corporate information + add privacy protection. This assures that your personal information will never leak to public. Moreover, you are not required to provide any personal information during domain registration order. This allows you to remain completely anonymous.

Are you ready to go fully anonymous? Just sign up for one of our exclusive hosting plans and order a private domain today!

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