Remote Workstation

This works just like your home PC but located remotely. You simply connect to your remote Windows desktop (yes, you will see the Desktop) and work like on your home PC - send/receive e-mails, browse websites, upload and download files from the Internet securely and anonymously.

Why to use remote workstation?

Remote Workstation is located within our private network and access to it is restricted to certain IPs. You will be connecting through encrypted connection. And what is more important - all data on the Remote Workstation is encrypted making it impossible to gain access to your files even if somebody gains access to the server directly. This is ultimate security for your privacy!

  • Data is encrypted with AES-256 on the disk level;
  • Access is restricted to local VPN IPs only. We will provide you with the VPN;
  • High-speed 1 gbit connection to ensure fast operation of the remote desktop;
  • Fully licensed PRO edition of Windows or any Linux OS;
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Operating System (OS) CPU RAM HDD Traffic Price
Windows 10 Professional Intel Core i7 8 Gb 120 GB SSD 10Tb $150 per month Order now
Operating System (OS)
Windows 10 Professional
Intel Core i7
8 Gb
120 GB SSD
$150 per month
*You can order a custom configuration of your remote desktop.
Please, contact [email protected].