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Why you are not gonna get anonymous hosting #2

Some time ago (to be precise, 6 months ago) I wrote an article “Anonymous Hosting: Why you are not gonna get it?” just to show you guys some reasons why it’s hard to find trusted anonymous hosting provider. Today I want to get back to this subject and add up.

First of all, Google really surprised me. No, it’s not that it appreciated the article, but actually the article was not even indexed. After 6 months!

Google results for the exact URL

Probably the article is not up to Google standards or it’s too busy re-indexing every day those affiliate articles on the first page. But today’s article is not about Google but rather about fair competition.

I have been always thinking that cooperation > competition but competition is also good when it results in increase of quality. I do not mind mentioning other providers which contribute to the development of privacy protection services. But some providers think that undermining other services will help them to thrive.

How the modern marketing works

Modern marketing is directed in two ways. Good marketing for your website + bad marketing for competitors = profit. Imagine, there are websites in the top 10, which have been gaining their reputation for years. How can you compete with them? Creating a quality product? Do your best serving your customers and slowly gaining reputation? Pff, no. I have a better plan for you. (Should I write “sarcasm“, so that Google does not think that I promote this practice?)

Modern marketing

What if we create hundreds of spammy backlinks for our competitors, which will affect their website reputation and they will drop out from the top ranking? Your website will get ranked in no time and your competitors will fall, ha-ha.

This is what we observe right now (see Picture above) . As soon as our website started to rise in the ranking, our website yohost.org got spammed heavily. There are hundreds of backlinks like that. How do those website look? Maybe these are good backlinks?

Backlink spam

The spammers just put your website among red flag websites and expressions. What Google thinks? It thinks I try to SEO my website into the top results and penalize the website instead. And it gets easier for the competitor to get into the top results.

Rankings drop

We have never relied on Google in our marketing. Actually for us marketing = providing top quality services and receive recommendations from customers. So, its not a big deal for us. If you read this, Thank you, we appreciate this a lot and believe me we value every customer who has been with us throughout the years.

But what are the countermeasures?

I think like 10 years ago or so, Matt Cutts announced Disavow Tool which webmasters should use to tell Google which links to ignore. 10 years ago but negative SEO still works. Sounds easy – add all those links to the disavow list and viola. But the first question, where do you get the list of links? We can see from some subscription based services that our website is spammed but we can only see the top of the iceberg. No tool on the internet can crawl all links to your website like Google does. And Google is not giving you the list 🙂

Will see how the disavow tool works out and update ya all!


When you are truly into what you believe how can you damage another company which fights for the same even if it’s your “competitor”?! And when you are doing this, your focus is not in the right place. Instead of improving your services and invent, somebody just chooses to waste time and resources. And in the end it turns out to be against yourself and your beliefs.

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