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2-Layer Domain Privacy Protection

We have already talked about difference between private and public domain registration and now it’s time to talk about why our privacy protection differs. Those who missed our article about private domain registration, follow this link to know more about it. The rest of you guys are invited to read below about our unique 2-Layer Privacy Protection.


/Regular Privacy Protection2-Layer Privacy Protection
Personal Info RequiredYesNo
Personal Info Submitted to WHOISYesNo
Possible Personal Data LeakYesNo
Table 1. Comparison of Regular Privacy Protection VS 2-Layer

Table 1. presents some of the possible downsides of the regular privacy protection which is provided by the mainstream domain registrars. This does not mean that all domain registrars do like that. This is rather for regular users to understand where can be the points of failure in the matter of anonymous domain registrations. Let’s explain.

The most critical issue or a “red flag” for private domain registrations is a requirement to provide your personal information. This as well as absence of anonymous payment options creates become the sources for vulnerabilities to your privacy.

How regular privacy protection works?

You find a provider of “private domain registration”. Register with it and provide personal info during registration. You order a domain name and your personal info is used for the domain’s ownership. Domain is registered and your personal info is submitted to WHOIS and then covered by privacy protection. Here is the trick – your personal data is still there but simply covered by a layer of privacy. In case of a complaint to your domain registrar there is a risk, that it will remove the layer of privacy protection and your data becomes publicly available. In case of security vulnerability (hack), there is a risk that your personal information will become publicly available again. So, whenever you provide your personal info you automatically get at risk of losing privacy. That’s why 2-Layer protection is essintial.

How 2-Layer privacy protection works?

  1. You are not required to provide your personal data during registration.
  2. You are provided with the anonymous payment options (crypto).

Simple as that. Because the only true way to protect your privacy is NOT to share your personal info.

With 2-Layer privacy protection domain is registered to third party (a company) which acts on your behalf. This is ultimate solution but requires a trusted company behind this registration. We at yohost.org have over 10 years of expertise in protecting our customer’s privacy and DataSec.