1. Privacy

The truth about anonymous hosting.

We have had a lot of technical articles recently, so today we gonna have some rest from the command line and speak about the idea of anonymous hosting. There is a huge misconception regarding it, so we have to dispel some myths.

What is anonymous hosting?

When most people hear of anonymous hosting they imagine some underground facility out of the reach of third parties such as authorities, corporations or some influential people. Preferable this facility should be located somewhere on another planet, for example Nibiru from StarTrek movie. Or at least in the middle of the ocean, just like notorious Sealand DataHeaven (non existent any more). But the reality is much more obvious.

offshore anonymous hosting DataHeaven
Sealand Data Heaven

Anonymous hosting is often interconnected with another term – offshore hosting. And most offshore hosting providers does not mean real «offshore» locations, like Panama, Costa Rica, Belize etc. They mostly mean hosting outside of the United States. Locations like Switzerland, Netherlands, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and some more. Why not «real» offshore? Because unfortunately the connection quality and speed from Panama so poor, that most of your mainland clients will close your company’s website before it fully loads. In the same time real offshore jurisdictions offer not as much freedom as some European and Western European countries.

Difference between offshore and anonymous?

Both are offshore. And anonymous in the same time should not require client’s personal information during registration or order. In the same time anonymous hosting does not offer safe harbour for illegal activities. We from our side are strongly against any illegal activities, like scams, phishing, malware etc. We have zero tolerance for these activities. In the same time we stand for our client’s privacy. We have plenty of expertise to understand the client needs and offer him best solution or best location for his business website. Legislation varies from one country to another and our responsibility to know these niceties and offer the solution to the client.

What are the «signs» of anonymous hosting company?

There are several things which distinguish anonymous offshore hosting companies from regular hosting providers.

  1. Servers outside the mainland, especially USA
  2. Does not require personal information during registration (including domain registrations)
  3. Offers anonymous payment options, like cryptocurrencies
  4. Company registered in real offshore jurisdiction (not mandatory)

Lastly, we at yohost.org have over 10 years of experience providing anonymous and offshore hosting. Our company is legally registered in several jurisdictions, including Panama and has a vast expertise in privacy protection. Should you ever be concerned about privacy issue when finding a place for your website, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to share our long time experience.