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How to register anonymous domain and pay with Bitcoin

In this article we will show how to register anonymous domain and pay for it with Bitcoin (or other cryptocurrency). Very first you will need a Bitcoin wallet. Here you can find a useful list of Bitcoin wallets categorized by OS and features. Then you will need some Bitcoins, or to say it correctly fraction of Bitcoin. Here you can find a categorized list of exchanges, including CEX (centralized) and P2P (user-to-user). Now you are ready to buy your anonymous domain with Bitcoin.

Create yohost.org account

Next step will be to proceed to yohost.org and register an anonymous account. We do not require personal information during registration, so only pay attention to the fields NOT marked as “Optional”.

Anonymous account registration at yohost.org.

Once your account has been registered and you are logged in, you can proceed to the domain search and registration.

Choose your anonymous domain name

Now you can search for the domain name you want and if it’s not taken you will be able to add it to the shopping cart and proceed to checkout. If the domain is taken, system will offer you similar available domains within other extensions.

Anonymous domain availability search.

On the next page select DNS Management feature (it’s free) and enter your hosting DNS. If you are unsure about DNS, leave it as is, later on our support team will assist you to setup it correctly.

Domain configuration.


On the final checkout page, make sure, you selected Bitcoin as your payment method and “Default Contact” (this will ensure your domain is registered anonymously) like on the image below.

Select Bitcoin and Default Contact

Complete order.
Pay now.

Finally, you will be redirected to the payment gateway powered by the opensource BTCPayServer and hosted on our servers. Select your crypto payment option (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Lightning or Litecoin), scan QR-code with your wallet camera and send the payment. If for some reason QR-code is not caught up by your wallet scanner, choose “Copy” option, like it is shown on the image below.

Pay with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Lightning or Litecoin.

Bitcoin payments usually take 10-60 minutes to confirm by the blockchain. Once the payment is confirmed, your domain will be registered automatically and the notification sent.

Basically this is it on how to register domain anonymously and pay with Bitcoin. Should you face any issues, do not hesitate to reach us at [email protected].