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How to create custom nameservers for your domain

If you want your anonymous domain to be completely white-labeled, custom (child) name servers is a good addition. In this article we will learn how to create custom nameservers using yohost.org client’s account and point them to the hosting accunt.

About Child Nameserver

Child nameservers is a type of DNS based of your domain name. For example, for our domain yohost.org, child nameservers will look like: ns1.yohost.org or ns5.yohost.org or nsX.yohost.org.

The purpose of nameservers is to direct requests made to your domain name to the server where this domain resides. So, if you want your domain to use child nameserver, they have to be registered to your hosting server’s IP or IPs.

How to register private NS at yohost.org

  • First, login to your anonymous account at: https://client.yohost.org/
  • Domains > My Domains > Choose domain’s settings like it’s shown on the picture below.
Go to domain’s settings in yohost.org

On the next screen, you need to select “Private Nameservers” in the left hand menu and it will open a page with registering child nameservers.

Registering Custom (child) nameservers
  • Enter domain suffix (for example, ns5 like it’s shown on the picture above)
  • Enter IP address of your server

When you set domain’s NS, at least two nameservers are required. So, you will most likely need to register two nameservers, like ns1 and ns2. You can register both of them to the same IP.

Now when you enter newly registered nameservers into your domain’s DNS, all requests to the domain will be directed to the IP of the nameserver. So, in most cases you will need to register your private NS to your server’s hosting IP address.

Things to keep in mind

  1. On average, it take 24 hours for the newly registered nameserver to propagate worldwide and become active. Keep this in mind when setting child nameservers on the domain which is already in the production mode.
  2. Child nameservers and DNS records is not the same thing! Setting NS of your domain to the domain’s child NS, says that DNS server for this domain is located on that particular IP. What it means is that DNS records (like, A, MX, CNAME etc.) should be created on the hosting server. If the server is manage by cPanel for example, all records already will be there by default.

    But in case, you run a clean OS server, you will need to setup DNS server on it and create the required records.
  3. Custom nameservers can be modified or deleted. Use “Modify a Nameserver IP” and “Delete a Nameserver” functions in your account.

Now you know how to register child nameserver for your anonymous domain. But in case you need help with this, you can always contact us at [email protected] and our team will assist you timely.