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How to check Bitcoin transaction ID in Electrum

In this article we will learn what is Bitcoin transaction ID (or also called hash) and how to find it in your Electrum wallet.

What is transaction id

Transaction ID or hash is a unique alphanumeric identifier, which is assigned to every Bitcoin transaction and kept in the blockchain. This identifier is publicly available and contains the information about sending and receiving addresses, amount, fees, date, time and what’s block this transaction being part of.

You might want to check this article to get a better understanding how to read Bitcoin transaction data. But here is an example of a Bitcoin transaction ID and now we will move forward to finding it in our Electrum wallet.

Transaction hash (id): 13f76502e36625cef607df30b10a7344722cfe7f9314004de743814029101114

This is a real Bitcoin transaction id which you can find on any block explorer, like Blockstream or Blockchain.

Find Bitcoin transaction ID in Electrum

How to check on Bitcoin transaction id in Electrum. Open wallet’s main screen:

Electrum wallet main screen

Above you can see an unconfirmed input (transaction) however it already has its own unique identifier. To copy the transaction ID into clipboard, right click on the transaction, “Copy” > “Transaction ID”.

copy bitcoin transaction ID electrum
Copy transaction ID Electrum

Another way to view transaction ID is yo right click on it, then select “View Transaction”.

view transaction electrum
View transaction screen in Electrum

In the “View” screen, you can see various information besides transaction ID:

  1. Status: Unconfirmed, means not included into any block.
  2. Position in mempool: 5.85 MB. Basically, how far your transaction is in line. 1 block = 1Mb. Every 10 minutes, one block is confirmed. So here we can see that our transaction can be expected to confirm within an hour or so.
  3. Amount received: 0.00025411 BTC or transaction amount.
  4. Fee. How much sender paid to send this transaction.
  5. Size. How much of block space this transaction occupies.
  6. Replace by fee: True. Means that sender can increase fee to either speedup the transaction or double spend it. So, until the transaction is Confirmed, it is not safe to ship any products/services.
  7. Locktime. Is the block height or basically the block number to which this transaction is included.

We have covered some basics about transaction view/copy/inspect in the Bitcoin Electrum wallet. If you are interested in this topic, you can always find more materials about Bitcoin in the respective category.