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How to register a private domain and pay with Lightning (Bitcoin)

Fees on the Bitcoin network has been sky-rocketed recently and this spurred interest in how to optimize fees on Bitcoin. In this article I will show how to register a private domain name and pay with Bitcoin Lightning with as low as 2 cent fee.

Actually, Lightning payment option has been functional on our website for quite some time already but why to bother when on-chain payments work fine? Now you have the reason.

First, create an account at: https://client.yohost.org/register.php. We do not require any personal information besides E-Mail to keep your privacy safe.

Account registration

After registration is complete you will be auto-logged in. Now you can proceed to the private domain name search from the home page.

Find your private domain

If you domain is available, you will see the following message:

Domain availability check
  • Add to Cart
  • Checkout
  • Enter DNS settings for your domain. If you want to use a third-party DNS service, enter them here. If no or you simply do not know what this is about, leave it as this. Your domain will be pre-configured to use our DNS service.

  • Continue (Lightning fans promo code can be found somewhere in the article 😉
  • Checkout
  • Select Bitcoin as a payment option
Payment options

Bitcoin Lightning payment

When you select “Bitcoin” as a payment method and proceed to “Complete Order”, you will be redirected, first, to the Invoice and then to the payment page below:

Bitcoin payment page

On this page find “Pay with” and select “Bitcoin (Lightning)” as it’s shown on the screenshot below.

Now you can scan the QR with your preferred Bitcoin Lightning App and submit your payment. You can see below the commissions are subsequently lower than Bitcoin On-chain transactions.

Zap Bitcoin lightning payment


This is it on how to register your private domain name and pay with Bitcoin Lightning network. In our next article I will show how to create your Lightning wallet, open a payment channel and transfer Bitcoin there for the off-chain payments.

PS: Promo code is highlighted in green 😉