1. Network

How to lease IPv4 subnet

Whether you want to provide a white-label hosting solution or just need IPv4 in bulk, yohost.org can lease various IPv4 ranges. Being a RIPE LIR (Local Internet Registry), allows us to sub-allocate IPs to the third party entities.

What IP ranges available for lease?

Subnets /24 (256 IPs) or /23 (512 IPs) are available for lease. We do not disclose the actual ranges publicly but we can send the ones by request. We will guide you through the process and assist with announcing your range on the net.

IP Whois and rDNS

Leasing IPv4 subnet allows you to create a RIPE NCC handle which will define the WHOIS information about rented IPs. In simple words, your organization will be listed as a network owner.

This is good for providing white-label services but also applies some responsibility on you as a network owner. You will need to look after the IPs reputation and react to any possible abuses.

We can either assist you to point your range to your own DNS server for rDNS management or provide you access to your IPs rDNS via our control panel.

Process of IPv4 leasing

  1. Select the IPv4 range you want to lease: https://yohost.org/ipv4/
  2. Make sure you are familiar with the terms: Spamming, phishing, other illegal activities are not allowed.
  3. Place your order: https://client.yohost.org/index.php/store/ipv4-ipv6
  4. After you place your order, our sales team will be in contact with you and guide you through the process of signing a lease agreement, creating a RIPE NCC account with organization handles (needed for your own IPWHOIS), announcing the range with your provider and setting up rDNS.
  5. Please, take a note that our minimum contract term is 1 year. We do not rent IPs month-by-month or on a short term basis.