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Updates at yohost.org

I have been absent from posting in the recent days and it has been due to some updates undergoing at yohost. We are launching new products and are aiming to get more partners to work with us.

In the following days you can expect:

  • a slightly updated main yohost.org website;
  • new product launched (will keep it secret so far but it’s related to privacy protection);
  • partners program re-launched. We have had one for some time, but did not put a lot of effort into its growth. Now we want to change it.

Other stuff going on

As I have said many times, we at yohost are big fans of Bitcoin. That’s why we strive to help you to integrate BTC into your business by offering Bitcoin payment gateway, website development and all our services can be paid with Bitcoin. And now we are working on something… something different 🙂

We have been a while in manual trading which has been working pretty well. Automation was the next step. We are currently building Bitcoin trading bot. There are ups and downs, it’s been months in development but something starts to work out eventually.

If everything goes as expected in maybe two or three months we will have a tested version, which went through all ups and downs of recent market events and conditions. Then we might give out a few private invites. If interested, leave a comment 😉

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